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Help please, stuck on boot.

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H2' started by lippy182, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. lippy182

    lippy182 Registered

    I need some help guys... I have flashed 2 boxes in the past with Woosbuild with no issues what so ever. Currently I have a brand new zGemma Star H2, tried to flash it with base build via fat32 formatted USB with no luck, so I followed this approace;

    Providing you have downloaded BaseBuild for WooshBuild v3.xx this will work:

    With the USB stick in the box do the following:

    Blue button -> Flash / Local -> Yellow button (local) -> Yello button (devices)

    Now locate the USB stick in the box and then locate the zgemma folder and select it, then select the h3 folder.

    You will now see two files listed. Hightlight rootfs.bin and press the Green button (flash)

    When asked what you want to do, you need to choose option 2.

    This appeared to work, or somthing loaded anyhow, the box restarted at which point is stuck on 'boot' with no count up / picture or anything. The light on front of the box is red and the display just reads 'boot'.

    Any help, suggests more than welcome! 3 hours I have been messing around with this now.


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    Noticed a problem also... I installed the wooshbuild H2S version on the H2, dont know if that is the cause of this, but how do I reset the box when I can not access the menu?
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