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Hep with port forwarding

Discussion in 'Internet Help' started by gary27, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. gary27

    gary27 Registered

    Hi all
    Not sure if thi is right section......I have plex it works ok on mac but i cant see it on my tv i have the dreamplex indtalled on unibox.....
    Now what happens is the remote access keeps dropping out and then i cant see my pc on there but i can see other server with no issue its all signed in no issues just remote access is issue i seen post on the web but tbh im lost with port forward and stuff
    Can anyone help please....

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
  2. TVmanDvae

    TVmanDvae Registered

    Hi Gary.
    I'm a new member here and don't know the TV equipment that you are talking about, but I have learned quite a bit about port forwarding.
    You only need to use it if you want to access a device that is on your local network (LAN) from the public internet (WAN).
    You DON'T need to set up port forwarding if both devices are on the same local network.
    Your modem/router acts like the telephone switchboard in a big office. If a message arrives addressed to port 8888 for example, the router looks up the port forwarding rules that you have programmed into it.
    If the port number is recognized, it will pass the message on to the specified internal static ip address (Or MAC address on some modern routers) within your LAN.
    Any device must be given a static IP address ( rather than DHCP, where the router gives your device a different LAN IP address every time it joins the network.)
    You may need to lower the firewall settings on your router also. On maximum firewall the router may ignore all unsolicited incoming messages.

    To access your router settings, use any browser on a device that is already signed in to your LAN (via Ethernet cable or WiFi).
    Type the IP address of the router into the URL line (NOT a search line). Frequently this is either or
    You will normally find this address on a label stuck to the router. Otherwise use the ipconfig command on a windows machine or some IP tool app on a mobile device.
    The login user name and password are usually printed on the label too.

    This is a great resource... portforward dot com.

    Hope this helps.
  3. gary27

    gary27 Registered

    Hi thanks for reply...
    ive got into router and im using imac.....
    i got to port settings followed some video's and write up's... But it still dropped out...
  4. gary27

    gary27 Registered

    i got the plex remot access sorted i think fingers crossed with port forwarded it using tcp/uhd 32400 to 50000 and 32400 to 50000 and its seemed to solved the issue of remote access dropping early days ike but im happy up to now
  5. gary27

    gary27 Registered

    Happy days yes the port forwarding i have done is working a treat........plex tells me it is using the port......as its set to manual
  6. pauldb

    pauldb Registered

    think you should ask a very good friend to type in a browser your ip address, you have set up 34000 port default on plex, to see if its open to the whole wolrd

    now with what i have seen in the last few days it will send shivers down your spine, i have found hundreds of FREE plex just by searching with open ports, this will give then free access to your video lib, ok not a biggy i suppose, but from that the person can add a folder on your c drive, i have seen personnal photos, some very personnal, credit card statements birth details and videos that god help if they get in the wrong hands, so please lock down your ports, change passwords and stay safe,

    i wont even go down the route of openwebif and the amount of stupid people on the net
  7. gary27

    gary27 Registered

    OK i have stopped it and deleted it...but now it does not like going onto my tv to view...i have to keep rebooting remote access