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how to build a barrel lock? ford focus mk 2 bonnet

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Questions' started by userlee5267, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. userlee5267

    userlee5267 Registered

    hello... i have bought a new barrel with shims and pins... but i have no key code or the old lock to copy... i have watched some videos on youtube and i see whats happening but what i dont understand is how they know were to put the tumbler slides and springs?.. they seem to put them in certain places.... but there is loads and loads of slots? how do you know which slot?

  2. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    any time we needed a new lock we would send to ford to rebuild it,think its the key when sent in to them they insert it into a reader to read it so can make a new barrel with the same info.
  3. londonfox

    londonfox TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I did mine a few years ago, you need to keep putting the pins and tumbler, springs in the lock untill it match's your old key, You put them in one at a time and keep trying each one you put in with your key, If your key turns the lock move on to the next one, it's easy but fiddly
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