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I5 plus processor V's AMD

Discussion in 'Computer Building and Upgrading' started by malstron, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. malstron

    malstron Registered

    what speed AMD processor matches the speed of an I5 processor as I looking to upgrade my burns PC so it can easily run a game capture card :)
  2. akito329

    akito329 Registered

    wait till march and the amd ryzen chips are coming out, there supposed to be better than intels i5's and i7's, they will definitely be cheaper but performance is just speculation till there actually released.
    if you cant wait that long then i would say the fx8350 would be something like what your looking for but intel have always been way better so its hard to compare
  3. mortmaru

    mortmaru TK Veteran

    It's not that simple to just say which i5 vs amd there is all different i5 models.

    Game capture cards need different specs depending on the card you have and which features you plan to use.

    What is your current system spec and game capture card you will be using?
  4. dazirl

    dazirl Registered

    yeah as above said, a fx 8350 (amd's octa core) just about keeps up with a 4th gen intel i5 (quad core) personally for gaming i wouldnt piss on anything amd , intel is miles ahead