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Internet connection failed message

Discussion in 'Satellite Installation' started by mjbjck, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. mjbjck

    mjbjck Member

    Hi all

    I have zgemma running all fine. But this morning I have turned the tv on and have a message in the top left corner saying internet connect failed, and I can't find how to remove the message.

    I have rebooted box.

    Tried to see if it's the tv. It's not.

    Tested internet connection through zgemma and it's fine.

    Can someone help.

  2. meatball1987

    meatball1987 TK Veteran

    It's in plugins wb config

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  3. mjbjck

    mjbjck Member

    Thanks pal.

    That was doing my head in lol.
  4. rog8n

    rog8n Member

    try rebooting internet:)
  5. mjbjck

    mjbjck Member

    All sorted m8. Previous reply done the trick.