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Issues with Ford StreetKa

Discussion in 'Engine Problems' started by LukeTansley2, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    Hi everyone, brand new to this forum, Was hoping somebody could help.
    A family member has a Ford Streetka and yesterday it started stuttering, misfiring & making horrible noises, They took it to a garage who today changed 4 spark plugs, Coil Pack, & Petrol Injector - The car now feels fine but starting the car takes some time, You turn the key it winds & winds & winds before eventually firing - Is this normal & to be expected, Will it wear in and correct itself or do they need to take it back to the garage. Thanks For Reading.
  2. grouser

    grouser Member

    Take it back to them as although what they changed obviously got the car started it's still not right,modern engines even Fords lol shouldn't take as long as you describe to fire up
  3. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    Thankyou Grouser, I'll let them know.
  4. grouser

    grouser Member

    No worries,but would like to know the outcome just out of curiosity
  5. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    take it back any decent garage gives 12 months warranty for the work they've done, should start 1st time
  6. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    Thanks for the advice, The Car does fire after some winding but they're going to take it back to the garage and see what's up.

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    Absolutely, Because the car is starting up each time after some winding, they're running it until the weekend (hectic work schedule) & if the problem remains They said they'll go back to the mechanic Saturday so If i find out I'll post the outcome as i appreciate the useful replys.
  7. justlearning

    justlearning Member

    have they plugged it into the code reader to see if faults come up
  8. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    No, they don't own one, and it hasn't been back to the garage since the initial diagnosis/repairs (listed at top) were done.
  9. justlearning

    justlearning Member

    you can buy one for under £20 might help you out

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    maxi scan for £11 on fleabay
  10. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    Just a quick update.
    They spoke to the mechanic this morning, told him the issues with the starting, he said it seemed fine, but said he'll look it over Monday morning.
    I will find out what happened then post the results Monday night.
  11. LukeTansley2

    LukeTansley2 Member

    OK it's Monday, ironically the cars starting improved more & more each day, But they took the car to the garage, The mechanic hooked the car up to the computer - Found nothing, Tested it old school - couldn't detect anything but summised that it was probably that the new injecter was working more efficiently than the older ones still installed & that once the injecter cleaner takes effect & the fuel mixture is better the problem won't exist - as i said starting has improved each day so this sounds about right.
    Thankyou to everybody who read these posts and were kind enough to offer up advice.
  12. aldan

    aldan VIP Member

    wow,never heard that line of bullshit before.kinda makes me ashamed of my former profession.try turning the key on for about 2 seconds,then turn it off,and back on.reason for this is you may be getting bleedback ie fuel bleeding back into the tank.this creates a delay in fuel getting to the fuel rail on the engine.if cycling the key 2or3 times fixes it you at least know where to look.the mechanic fed you a line because he doesnt have a clue whats wrong.just how long do they have to crank it before it starts?
  13. jona29

    jona29 Member

    most likely either a poor earth connnection to the starter or the starter motor itself is lazy , may not sound like it is but on any modern car the starter has to hit approx 260 rpm for the car to start . so a slightly lazy starter and it wont start properly

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