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Laptop for gaming

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Chambers, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Chambers

    Chambers Member

    Looking for a new gaming laptop in the region of £300. Any help?
  2. gaLcH

    gaLcH Member

    Good luck. £300 wouldn't even get you a desktop that you could call a gaming machine never mind a laptop. A decent graphics card such as a GTX970 or 980 will cost you £300+ alone. If you spend 300 on a laptop expect for it be for word processing etc only. It may run older games but nothing exciting. You also have to remember you can't really upgrade a laptop either unless you go super high end.

    My advice would be to save your money for a desktop and aim to spend £700+ for decent machine. You could look at finance from scan or overclockers and use your current cash as a deposit.

    If you really want a laptop expect to spend over £1000 for anything decent.
  3. skeletow

    skeletow Member

    Yes the cheapest for gaming at the moment is ASUS 15.6 windows 10 N552VW-FI202T. you can find it around a £1000
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  4. Boxing24

    Boxing24 Member

    in this amount you can buy a stander laptop

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