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Laptop for gaming

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Chambers, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Chambers

    Chambers Member

    Looking for a new gaming laptop in the region of £300. Any help?
  2. gaLcH

    gaLcH Member

    Good luck. £300 wouldn't even get you a desktop that you could call a gaming machine never mind a laptop. A decent graphics card such as a GTX970 or 980 will cost you £300+ alone. If you spend 300 on a laptop expect for it be for word processing etc only. It may run older games but nothing exciting. You also have to remember you can't really upgrade a laptop either unless you go super high end.

    My advice would be to save your money for a desktop and aim to spend £700+ for decent machine. You could look at finance from scan or overclockers and use your current cash as a deposit.

    If you really want a laptop expect to spend over £1000 for anything decent.
  3. skeletow

    skeletow Member

    Yes the cheapest for gaming at the moment is ASUS 15.6 windows 10 N552VW-FI202T. you can find it around a £1000
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  4. Boxing24

    Boxing24 Member

    in this amount you can buy a stander laptop
  5. RTR1879

    RTR1879 Member

    I've been looking to buy a couple of gaming laptops for my sons. Cheapest around (with GTX1050 cards) are about £800. GTX1050ti adds about £100 to that. Gaming desktops on ebay (new ones, mind) start at about £500 for older graphics cards, but it cash is tight this could be the way to go and upgrade components as you can afford.
  6. rotherhamkid

    rotherhamkid Member

    Your not going to get anything for £300
    Does it have to be a laptop?
    Would be cheaper to build a desktop yourself
    Easy enough to do these days
    And you could build a 1050ti in a reasonably small case for £550
    For that you would get for example
    Zotac 1050ti 4gb
    8gb 3000 ram
    Operating system say windows 10
    Power supply
    Ryzen 3 cpu
    Say a 240 gb ssd

    Basically everything other than mouse, keyboard (windows 10 can be used without keyboard using onscreen keyboard)
    The list is just a quick list to give you and idea
    Pc part picker is the way to go
    But ask someone who knows what there doing to pick parts
    To make sure everything is compatible
    Example motherboard socket, cpu

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