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Loosing channels.

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by michale_kid, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. michale_kid

    michale_kid Member

    Hi guys, a friend of mine keeps asking me if I'm loosing channels.. he said he looses everything including FTA channels and it can happen for 30 mins then be fine. I checked all his connections. And everything seems fine??

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  2. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    try a test line with another provider and see if the problem persists
  3. michale_kid

    michale_kid Member

    He's using same provider as me and my family plus I have tried some spares I have.. if it was the line he would loose paid channels only but he is loosing free to air channels also which shouldn't go down unless the sat cables are disconnected from the dish.

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  4. garyth

    garyth TK Veteran

    what's the signal on bbc1 hd? that will tell you if its dish related. the signal on the channel at the very least should be high 80's if not 90's. If a lot lower the dish has moved out of alignment
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  5. michale_kid

    michale_kid Member

    I'll ask him and check. Thanks

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  6. moshibeth

    moshibeth TK Veteran

    Sounds like it could be water in the cable or a bad connection some where
  7. jia1000

    jia1000 Member

    Do you have a spare sky box or freesat box you can try? If so connect it up and see if he still loses the FTA channels.

    If he still loses FTA channels then it's dish related.

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  8. michale_kid

    michale_kid Member

    Iv just gave him a replacement h2s with my line and I'm using his. And I did run his sat cables on a rainy day so will also check this if channels fail again.. great advice much appreciated

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