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Lots of help needed

Discussion in 'Vu+ DUO2 Support' started by Drebins2003, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Drebins2003

    Drebins2003 Member

    Hi every one need lots of help as I'm new to this just got a duo 2 and Iv got all the channels but I haven't got kodi to watch all the movies ect so how do I install it and how do I get the adult channels aswell ?
  2. wiseowl

    wiseowl Member

    Kodi installer is in the plugins from the menu. Adult channels will be available to you if your "line" includes them.
  3. Drebins2003

    Drebins2003 Member

    Thanks for that all Iv got in my plug in is autobouquets
    Crossepg downloader
    EPG importer
    Linuxsat panel
    Media scanner
    Picture player
    Transcoding setup
    And I haven't got a clue what they are
  4. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Menu - Plugins

    You will see the list as mentioned, buttom of the screen - green button (download plugins)

    You now have a big list of different plugins to install if you wish.

    Once installed they will disappear from the list.
  5. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    i have never seen kodi in the plugins only kodidirect lol
  6. Drebins2003

    Drebins2003 Member

    Yeah a big list came up but no kodi and I still don't know what some of them are and what's feeds lol ????
  7. lancable

    lancable T K Veteran

    its kodi launcher you need to install
  8. Ten Below

    Ten Below Member Forum Supporter

    If your image supports it then it will be in the feeds listed as vuplus-kodi.
  9. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    might rule openvix out on kodi then.
  10. Drebins2003

    Drebins2003 Member

    The only thing in feeds is something called picons no kodi so how would I install it then if it's not there ??
  11. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    kodidirect was in extensions.there might have been a few posts on xbmc on e2 boxes but you will have to search for them,
  12. Drebins2003

    Drebins2003 Member

    Found kodi direct but not found the installer