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Mag 256 stuck on infomir screen

Discussion in 'ALL MAG BOXES' started by MrT, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. MrT

    MrT Registered

    Having just switched to fibre broadband this morning my mag box decided to spoil the party this morning. New router all working fine all other devices connected to the internet no problem. So this morning, mag stopped booting on the load up bar screen wouldn't load my channels or menu. So rebooted the box while pressing menu button got the menu up factory reset and now when plugging the box in it just goes straight to the infomir load page and nothing else. Can't get the menu up now either. Help!! Box has been updated also.
  2. Sumjoddy

    Sumjoddy Registered

    {Confectionery Manager
    Hi I know you said you've tried it but Keep doing it i.e
    Pull power plug reconnect keep pressing (menu button) but don't (hold it...
    Down)it might take a couple of minutes hopefully it will show EMBEDDED Portal
    Your IPTV server etc go into system/settings change your Video settings NTSC 480i
    Graphic resolution. 720x576
    Saw a video on Tube etc hope it helps
    Good Luck
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  3. MrT

    MrT Registered

    Cheers for your help. I have tried it loads of times but by holding the menu button. I will have another go. I did get the bios menu on this morning. I went into it because the box wouldn't boot up it was just constantly on the load bar. I did a factory reset and for reasons I cannot explain I've changed the boot mode to dhcp. Will this be the problem?
  4. MrT

    MrT Registered

    A little update. Infomir support told me to power off the box press the button on the back of the box plug back in. The light on the box goes through a series of white solid white flashing red solid red flashing for different menus. I'm now getting past the infomir screen and into the sidewinding bar but it won't load any portals or tv menus. Help!!
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  5. bees

    bees VIP Member

    If you go into advanced settings on the side winding bar you should be able
    to get into the inner portal from there and input a URL.

    The TV menus won't load until you have put in the URL.
  6. MrT

    MrT Registered

    When the box was loading the portal url it was permanently stuck on the side winder bar. No input from the remote would work. It was booting the box using the black button on the back of the box that got it to factory reset. Having spoke to infomir and world of sattelite they told me it was a portal issue why it wasn't loading up. That is now deleted as it was constantly glitching which I put down to the settings being wrong on the box. I can confirm the box is now working very well with a new url put in the portal.
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  7. muckievillan

    muckievillan Registered

    Thanks to this thread & supplier i fixed my Mag 322 today when I had a solid red light. cheers all
  8. MrT

    MrT Registered

    Glad you got it sorted. Forums like these are just great aren't they.
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  9. 24whitley

    24whitley Registered

    cheers - this fixed my mag box which was stuck on the opening screen, cheers
  10. chcoo1

    chcoo1 Registered

    Thanks this has helped me get my mag 322 back to factory settings as it was blocked with "Your STB is not Supported" I had tried everything firmware flashing, factory reset etc with no avail. until I saw the this thread.
  11. biff2005

    biff2005 TK Veteran

    System Recovery Utility MAG256
    System Recovery Utility menu is intended to receive device information, change STB boot loader settings, update software, change video output mode and graphics resolution, reset STB to the factory settings, system recovering and other auxiliary functions. This feature is similar to MAG-250/254/270 Bootloader menu.

    It is not recommended to make changes to System Recovery Utility menu without properly understanding its settings and consequences of changing them.

    Brining up System Recovery Utility menu
    1. Power off (unplug the power supply) STB.
    2. Push and hold Menu button on RC (it should be directed stright to STB).
    3. Still holdering Menu button power STB on (plug in power supply).
    4. Wait for (~10 seconds) System Recovery Utility menu.
    5. Release Menu button.
    Menu button on SRC-4513 (slim)
    Setting up video output mode and graphics display resolution
    To correctly display video signal on TV after STB software loaded, it is possible to set properly video output parameters at boot stage. System Restore Utility menu contains the following settings:

    • TV System - STB video output mode;
    • Grafic Resolution - resolution of the STB video output window.
    Description of these parameters is provided in section Video Output Mode and Graphic Resolution.

    Software version and device information
    • Enter System Recovery Utility menu.
    • Choose Device information - by pressing OK on RC:
      • Vendor - Manufactory identifier.
      • Model - STB model identifier.
      • HardwareVersion - Version of system board.
      • Serial Number - Serial number of device (STB).
      • MAC address - Physical address of network interface.
      • BootLoader version - BootLoader version (if second bootloader is on, then you will see second bootloader version).
      • Image version number - version of firmware;
      • Image date - Date and Time of firmware version creation.
      • Image description - the additional discription to the firmware version.
      • Userfs Image version - the version of User settings (UserFS - the part of image file);
      • Save Info to USB - saving data of window "Device Information" to USB drive (you must first create folder mag256 on the root of the USB drive and connect USB drive to STB).
    Be sure that USB-drive file system is FAT32.

    Selecting boot mode NAND1 / NAND2 / DHCP
    • Enter System Recovery Utility menu.
    • Select Boot Mode and by pressing the right on RC set the boot mode:
      • DHCP - download by script that STB requests from the DHCP server. This option can be used for initial download or for software update. The DHCP server must be configured properly. For a detailed description, see "DHCP server, configuration, loading basic software, firmware update";
      • NAND 1 or NAND2 - banks of internal non-volatile memory of STB that used to store the firmware. The bootloader will use that copy of the firmware which is specified in this setting.
    • Select Exit and Reboot, сonfirm with Yes.
      Note. If instead of Exit and Reboot you pressed Exit on RC, press Menu on RC to return to main utility menu, .
    • The boot mode (NAND or DHCP) and the status of load process are indicated on the TV screen.
      If the software is successfully downloaded, the user interface of the embedded or external portal should be displayed on the TV screen (depending on the settings of the STB software).
    1. Using two memory banks (NAND1 and NAND2) improves reliability of the software update process. If the operation fails, you can load STB firmware from the alternative bank.
    2. After successful STB updating the value of active bank (from which to boot) changes to the opposite one.

    Selecting the software update mode
    • Enter System Recovery Utility menu.
    • Select Upgrade Tools and by pressing the right on RC set the update mode:
      • Using USB - for updating will be used the firmware version (image) from the USB-drive connected to the STB. For a description see Firmware update with USB-drive.
      • Using multicast - for updating will be used the firmware version (image) that transfered to STB from PC by Multicast broadcasting. For a description see Multicast update.
      • Using static ip and tftp - for updating will be used the firmware version (image) that transfered to STB from the TFTP server.
      • Using dhcp - loading the image by the script, which STB requests from the DHCP server. See DHCP server, configuration, loading basic software, firmware update.
      • The status of the updating process is indicated on the TV screen.
      • After a successful software update, the STB will automatically reboot.
    If the update is unsuccessful, check the boot mode settings or use a different update type.

    Reset to factory settings from System Recovery Utility menu
    • Enter System Recovery Utility menu;
    • Select Default Settings.
    • In the window «Resetting to defaults» select Yes.
    • At the bottom of the window, information about the reset operation performed should be displayed.
    • Go to the upper menu level by Exit.
    • Select Exit and Reboot, сonfirm with Yes.
      Note. If instead of Exit and Reboot you pressed Exit on RC, press Menu on RC to return to main utility menu.
    • STB will automatically reboot.
    After resetting STB to the factory the environment variables including the bootloader settings are set to the initial value.