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Mercedes Actros

Discussion in 'Radio Codes' started by Pluhardavid, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Pluhardavid

    Pluhardavid Registered

    Can somebody help me pls?! I lost my truck's radio code! It's a Mercedes Actros. I found this on the radio: Bosh 7 620 000 009
    Mercedes-Benz 034953 MB Truck Base Low
    A000 446 36 62
    It's really booting without my radio!

    Thanx in advance!!!
  2. Joan

    Joan VIP Member

    BLAUPUNKT made units have 14 letters+digits long serial numbers and are printed on the label or engraved on the metal case. Note that 10 digits long part numbers, which always start with 7, are essential part of code calculations, make sure they match to your unit part numbers.