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new firestick help please

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by vix2000, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. vix2000

    vix2000 Registered

    Just bought a fire stick as advised on here, and initially installed kodi beast build with sky q skin. Couldnt get any of the TV to work, and no epg listings showing. Did a bit of research and concluded that it was too full of unwanted stuff for my requirements so put a basic kodi installation with a sky hd skin from mrknowitall. Unfortunately the epg is still empty and can't get any tv. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or missing some step or other so I'd be grateful for any advice, please?
  2. zisaai

    zisaai Registered

    One of the major EPG sources is currently in the middle of a weekly update which is why your EPG information may be empty. Do you have a trial or sub from an IPTV provider, if so have you contracted them to check the status of their service?
  3. vix2000

    vix2000 Registered


    No I don't have a sub.I have managed to get the epg to display the programmes now, but not all play. That is the next challenge!!!
  4. terrypepa

    terrypepa Registered

    You get this sorted yet I can help u set it up

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  5. AndroidBoxes

    AndroidBoxes Registered

    I would recommend iview hd for a iptv source vix . You can add the app onto the firestick from your phone and away you go . MOSTLY ALL HD

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  6. lipo91

    lipo91 Registered


    Not sure if I have posted this in the correct place, apolgies in advance if I haven't.

    Im having issues with the recently installed Exodus/Kodi on amazon firestick.

    Everytime I try and play a film, its juddery and jumping continuously.................any ideas would be most appreciated.


  7. ianw314

    ianw314 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    First thing to do is check that your isp restrictions are switched off on your router, especially if your with BT!!
  8. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    Hi Stephen how far away is your router from stick? Some properties have poor wifi areas maybe need wifi extenders if using upstairas