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New H2S will not drive DMI input on Display

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by Uniden, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Uniden

    Uniden Registered

    Hi ,
    Have an issue that is driveing me crazy .
    Have a new H2S receiver and need to connect it to a Display with a DVI port.
    Have used the default "out of the box " image that was supplied. Have also tried the latest OpenVix image . Same result

    Unfortunately the HDMI port does not seem to connect reliably to the Samsung
    display , so have been using Composite output for the moment to interact
    with it. ( have read that there can be issues with Samsung displays generally ) However it seems to work with a Phillips ( HD Ready TV i.e 1366 ) at 720 p.
    As before I have tried to connect the H2S to a couple of 1920 x 1080
    Monitors with DVI inputs , using a HDMI to DVI adapter 's
    but I do not get an image . The displays are HDCP compliant. I have tried
    all resolutions including 720p.

    I have also tried this using a couple of different HDMI and DVI cables
    along with a number of HDMI-DVI adapters ( both male and female)

    Interesting I have a number of other HDMI signal sources including (1) SKY
    HD Sat Receiver (2) Xbox 360 and (3) WD-TV Live.

    All of these work correctly with the HDCP compliant DVI displays using a
    DVI adapter. These devices also work correctly with the Samsung display I
    refer to above. This suggests that the issue is with the HDMI port of the
    Zgemma H2S device

    This points to a reliability / compatibility issue with the Zgemma H2S
    HDMI port .
    My feeling is that I have a HDMI port that is somehow defective.

    Anyone encounter this behavior before ?