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Openbox V9S CCcam file format error

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by redmcclaff, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. redmcclaff

    redmcclaff Member

    Hi im having a problem with CCcam.cfg via usb im getting an error with "file format error" i checked the file which is saved as CCcam.cfg and all file formats, any help please?
  2. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

  3. redmcclaff

    redmcclaff Member

    i put the info in manually on the openbox V9S, got it going that way, yeh i think my pc windows 8.1 is changing the file type. cheers for the line creator Benijofar :)
  4. tetchysquire

    tetchysquire Member

    Thanks , was having the same problem