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Openbox v9s Channel Update

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by WalshHD, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. WalshHD

    WalshHD Registered

    Can anyone help me on updating my channel list on my box ,im getting no signal on majority of channels and the box isnt picking up the TP_PROG.dbs file either?
  2. gaosphappy

    gaosphappy Registered

    The v9s won't update channel list via USB the option is in network update and quite frankly it's not fit for purpose. The box itself is ok but EPG / channel list is completely useless. Sorry. You'd have been better off with the v8s. Hopefully in time things will get sorted out but not until the box gets more popular. Good luck

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  3. stevebrooks

    stevebrooks Forum Supporter

    Put my V9S in the bin after a week, this box is a step backwards :no no:
    Got myself a couple of Zgemma H2S's, cant believe how much better they are.
  4. Asldot

    Asldot Registered

    Yeah I agree the V9S is a total BOS... that's for sure... don't bother purchasing one of these ever...
    just save a few extra quid and get a zgemma h2s... far better money spent....
  5. cartman101

    cartman101 Registered

    Channel list can be updated by USB, just a different file format.
    I have attached a reasonable Sly channel list.
    Rename it to ChannelList.bin and upgrade by USB

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  6. Asldot

    Asldot Registered

    Many thanks for your help... read the text file and though.... WTH... never able to make sense of that..
    I've just spent 2 nights sorting my channel list out.... lol

    Have ordered my Zgemma h2s which is arriving on Tuesday and have finally given up on the openbox..... good for a starter but I'm ready for the next step.