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Oscam For Openvix Guide.

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by gmangt4, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    Oscam is getting more popular and seems more and more people looking to get it running so I thought I would paste the email I send to people that ask me for instructions with attached config needed to get you going on Vix, the port I use is :9000, standard port is 8888 if people want to use the instructions with other config files.

    This is for vix, if your using ATV then there is a separate thread here http://www.techkings.org/general-cable-tv/95494-oscam-atv.html

    Install oscam ( I recommend r9620 r18 ) on your box via the plugins, softcams option but the latest will be fine

    I've attached a zipped config folder for oscam,

    Download and unzip the file attached to somewhere easy to remember/access ( I use desktop )

    Then using Filezilla or your FTP program of choice, connect to your box and navigate to the ETC folder, then find Tuxbox folder, drag the whole unzipped config folder to the tuxbox folder. Overwrite if prompted.

    Once thats done go to your box and bring up softcam manager, I use blue button then softcam manager
    Untick and stop any cams ticked to autostart and tick oscam to autostart, MAKE SURE YOU STOP ALL RUNNING CAMS, now highlight oscam and select restart/start, it should restart without error if applied ok. It must be restarted to allow access to the webinterface.

    When oscam is restarted after applying the config file go to computer and enter your box ip address into the browser bar followed by :9000 that's full colon not semi, so something like
    press enter or go whatever your browser needs to go to the address.

    Oscam web interface should appear.. if it don't appear try rebooting your box..and try again..make sure ip address of box has not changed...this can be found in menu, information, network

    Now at the top look for the tab/word Files, click this and then a sub menu will appear, click on oscam.server, in here you will see the examples that I've put in for you, its set up for 2 lines, but you can add more or just run one, edit these with your own details. There's a comma between the server address and port, this must remain, be careful not to delete by accident

    Once you've edited it with your details scroll to the bottom of the page and select save, then scroll to the top and select restart tab on top right of page, then on pop up click restart or ok, wait 10 secs and try and see if channels clear.

    Sometimes a box reboot is needed.

    If using Newcamd readers you will have to turn your box on to a premium channel to instigate a connection, cccam readers will connect without going to premium channel.

    On the Oscam web interface status page you will see connected at the right hand side of the screen, if it says unknown then something not right, check the live log tab to see what the error is

    Also on the oscam web interface the live log tab will update every 8 secs on sat and every 10 secs on cable with your ECM's if your interested. It will also tell you if something is wrong like incorrect password, what server its using, etc

    For an example of how to enter your line, here's an example

    CWS = your.server.com port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14


    N: your.server.com port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    label = TV1
    protocol = newcamd
    device = your.server.com,port
    key = 0102030405060708091011121314
    user = username
    password = password
    inactivitytimeout = 60
    group = 1
    emmcache = 1,3,31
    blockemm-unknown = 1
    blockemm-u = 1
    blockemm-s = 1
    blockemm-g = 1

    I hope this helps,


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    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  2. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Great guide ;-)
    jon48 likes this.
  3. Jagsy

    Jagsy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    great guide :hurray:
  4. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Quick question does caid need to be added to the newcamd readers?
  5. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    Sometimes, try it and see, some suppliers request it, some don't, can also be needed if running a combo, check with your supplier.
  6. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    If I dont have caid in the readers will both lines not work?
  7. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    If they don't work then enter CAID and see, only way to see.....or ask your supplier.
  8. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Personally I put it in on my setup.

    Try it both ways and see for yourself, you can't really break anything.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  9. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Ok will do.

    Oscam is really complicated to setup for me. Really trying my best but getting really stressed and angry.

    Want to thank you for your amazing guide which would help alot of people.

    Great work mate.
  10. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Where abouts do I need insert CAID in the readers?
  11. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Click on readers and enter it next to CAID:
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  12. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Thanks mate.

    For VM there is only one code but for sat there is two. Can I just put one code for sat in CAID?
  13. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Try both like mine for sat
  14. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    I downloaded gmangt4 config followed instructions now I am on web interface but on oscam.server there is no CAID line like yours dangerous.

    Is yours different mate?
  15. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    It's in readers not oscam.server
    Once it's set it will appear in your oscam.server file
  16. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Got part of the setup to work.

    Sat side is working but cable is showing as unknown.

    Tried with and without caid and still nothing.
  17. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Sounds like an error in your setup
  18. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    I dont know what though.

    I have re entered details in oscam.server then restarted, added code to CAID and also removed from CAID and still cable is showing unknown.

    Feel so fed up now. Have no idea where I have gone wrong or my setup is all screwed up.
  19. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    Check all your entries
    Put a premium cable channel when checking to see if server is connected.
    If server is working and your details are correct the is no reason for it not to work
  20. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Done exactly that mate. Followed gmangt4 instructions to a tee.

    Had put it on to a cable channel for around 60 seconds but server wasnt connected and channel wasnt clearing.