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Oscam & Freezing Channels.

Discussion in 'Satellite Installation' started by Mutantusr, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Mutantusr

    Mutantusr Member

    Have a mutant HD51 now as my HD2400 was replaced and broken.

    For the life of me I cannot get all channels on sly working without some of them freezing every 30 seconds. Other are working fine. Like MTV works fine but Sky Sports 1 freezes.

    Literally at the end of my teather and will sell this box unless somome knows of a different image i can flash that has a different softcam?


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  2. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    sounds like server issue, mtv probably runs ok as not a lot of people watch it but if your server is overloaded popular channels like sports will freeze as a lot of people watch them at the same time when big matches/events are on
    try a test line here - anyone-recommend-good-server-satellite-november-december at the very least you can rule out your server being the problem
  3. Mutantusr

    Mutantusr Member

    Only had this box a few weeks. I have 2 other boxes using mgcamd and they are fine om every channel. So its an Oscam issue but havent a clue how to fix it. Thanks for your suggestion.

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  4. alcable

    alcable TK Veteran

    change to mgcamd if u dont get problem with that cam
  5. Mutantusr

    Mutantusr Member

    How can i do that? I thought Oscam was the only cam that worked on the HD51??????

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  6. alcable

    alcable TK Veteran

    try in plugins what image u use the 4 k 1 takes vix mgcamd works there
  7. Mutantusr

    Mutantusr Member

    I am using vix image but there is only Oscam in the plugins.

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  8. alcable

    alcable TK Veteran

    pm where to get cams ftp to tmp menu vix install local extensions
  9. dragonevo

    dragonevo Member

    Did you tune tour hd51 freeze free?

    Any suggestions for setup, have same problem
  10. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    No such thing as freeze free, but box set up correctly and a good line supplier and you can get very close
  11. dragonevo

    dragonevo Member

    The thing that's making me upset that my cheap old vu duo with mgcamd runs 99% glitch free same with my other box Edison OS mini, but my so called premium box Mutant HD51 glitch every day on channels, I see Ecm on just that box goes from low to high, all running same server.

    So something is not good on the mutant box
  12. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Post your reader minus line details. I'm sure Willo or Dangerous would give you their files. You VIX or ATV? What tuners?

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  13. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

  14. dragonevo

    dragonevo Member



    E2 COMMUNITY MUTANT HD51 V2.0 Image now

    Have tested openpli 4.0,openvix not newest 5,openatv 5.3 same problem with freeze and Ecm info who disapers from info under cam info then jumps on again two seconds later when picture comes back.

    Ecm times go from low to high, what I can see.

    Other boxes in house with mgcamd or normal cccam don't have that problem, same server
  15. dragonevo

    dragonevo Member

    Is it important to setup Oscam from start from the Oscam web interface, if you gonna use for example mgcamd with Oscam.

    I never has config it thru the interface, just ftp my server file directly.

    Will start over and test it
  16. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Shouldn't matter but sometimes I find changes don't save first time round doing through interface. Your reader isn't over complicated which is good. Your server happy you using OScam? Not all are. No harm trying a test to rule out
  17. dragonevo

    dragonevo Member

    Think i have solved problem, my other boxes are connected to a very cheap server, cccam and mgcamd, runs Okey on that server, But the mutant HD 51 don't like that server at all, testing premium server now, no odd frezzes at all Ecm times are stable.

    Have staring at logs for hours now, lol crazy to watch Ecm times for long long time..
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  18. goldieboy

    goldieboy Member

    does anyone know where to get a good quality iptv line for my zgemma h2s