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Poor picture quality zgemma h2h

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by benypl81, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. benypl81

    benypl81 Registered

    Hi Everyone
    I recently purchased zgemma h2h , have only vm cable line connected and video quality is really poor compare to my old vivo box.
    Its not only sd but also hd channels dont look right,especially noticable with dark colours on display.I read other similar threads and followed tips how to improve picture quality by changing tv/box setting but it doesnt help.
    I flashed the box with vix/atm/droid/woosh and used different softcams-no luck all the same!Poor quality is only on cable tv,when I watch IPTV its perfect-crystal clear and sharp.
    I realise zgemma boxes are cheap but will my picture quality improve if I upgrade the box to something more expensive??
    I dont mind spending a bit more money to have better quality but will it definitely improve the picture??
  2. snakefeet

    snakefeet Registered

    {Internet scourer and professional Googler
    It must be something wrong with the box because my H2H is crystal clear. Im sure someone here will have the answers for you.