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Possible problem with MGcamd?

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.S' started by cptslow, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. cptslow

    cptslow Registered

    Hi guys recently bought 4 of these boxes for my family and set up fine etc etc....

    Ive always used mgcamd for the past year but now all of a sudden (this past week) whenever it gets to around 7pm it just refuses to work on mgcamd.

    ive been using the same build for around 6 months so im honestly not sure what i could be ive been pulling my hair out over this and only just thought to switch back to ccam today and what do you know it works straight away.

    i even tried using mgcamd again but nothing, on my line panel it says the box is connected but its idle, where as on ccam it says its actually online and connected.

    has this happened to anyone else???

    Or am i just unlucky with my build that ive been using and theres somehow a problem but only after 7pm
  2. calmeon

    calmeon Registered

    Ive got a similar problem on cccam. On both boxes cccam stop working. I tried many solutions but can`t fix it