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Discussion in 'Anti-Virus' started by GEDUN1T, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. GEDUN1T

    GEDUN1T Member

    hi guys i think this is the closest subject forum i can find . I am trying to find the best free anti virus for windows 7 ,for a laptop running a i3 processor with 4GB ram so nothing to heavy .anyway thanks for Reading and hopefully helping out :)
  2. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    I've used avg for years
  3. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    AVG---it's free and does the job.
  4. boobishabang

    boobishabang TK Veteran

    Avast free version is as good as any, personally not a fan of AVG
  5. GEDUN1T

    GEDUN1T Member

    Thanks guys ill have a look
  6. kiddac

    kiddac banned

    Visit bleepingcomputer.com lots of choice there. Personally i would avoid avg nowadays. Used to be good. Far too bloaty now
  7. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    Actually I tend to agree I used to use avast many years ago but changed for some reason, I can't remember why it's that long ago but those pop ups trying to flog you the avg tune up do get a bit irritating too old and set in my ways to change now.
  8. laserguy100

    laserguy100 Member

    I find AVG heavy on cp useage,although most ant virus/malware are cloud based. I use Webroot. It scans incredibly fast..very light cpu useage..its only £16.00 on flea bay. Best free one is Avast.imo.
  9. Yumraaj

    Yumraaj Member

    AVG is not good anymore, it clogs your memory up quite bad. Avast is pretty good but recent update is making it heavy too.

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