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PSP OFW 6.00 Released

Discussion in 'Sony PSP' started by dan-ger-ous, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. What's new?

    * Playstation Store Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on their expire date under [GAME]

    * Importing of playlist from the Media GO! applications is now supported under Music

    * Under [Settings] - [Network Update] has been chnaged to [System Update]

    * The number of Colors that can be selected under [Settings] > [Theme Settings] has been increased

    * In [Display Panel Close Options] under [Settings] > [System Settings], the design for the [Standard] oprion has been changed

    * The PSP Go! system can now connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth modem such as a mobile phone

    *The battery icon has a different charging animation.
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    Won't be updating just yet, but thanks for posting. :thumbsup:
  3. Its best to hang back for a while incase any suprise bugs appear, like the new PS3 firmware. :thumbsup: