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Radio Code for Jeep Chrysler

Discussion in 'Radio Codes' started by Tamriel girl, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Tamriel girl

    Tamriel girl Member

    I can not unlock my Jeep radio. Could someone help me with the code? Thank you very much!!!

    S/N TBDAA057854190
    Supplier 26777
    Issue 1


    Date code 0578

    Lot of Thanks!!!
  2. masterskay62

    masterskay62 TK Veteran

  3. Xerok

    Xerok Member

    Hi to Everybody. i lost my code so i need it for my jeep cherokee xj Radio.
    S/N TBCAA037729217
    Supplier 26777
    Issue 1

    Thanks a million!
  4. Joan

    Joan VIP Member


    Your code .... 6454
  5. Xerok

    Xerok Member

    Thanks Joan!!
  6. Tamriel girl

    Tamriel girl Member

    It Works!!!!!

    Thanks a million!!
  7. Antalbalazs

    Antalbalazs Member

    Hi, just needed to change battery to my Chrysler 300C CRD and ofcourse radio is asking a code now.
    Pn 05064191ag
    Issue 1
    Date code 1587
    Supplier 56401b
    S/N TH1AA1587J5442
    Please help me!!!
  8. masterskay62

    masterskay62 TK Veteran

  9. AhmedJ

    AhmedJ Member

    hello all,

    need code too, please help

    Supplier: 56401B
    Issue 1
    Date Code:1727
    SN:T H1 AA 172 7 J 6260

  10. Joan

    Joan VIP Member

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