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rover 75 radio code

Discussion in 'Radio Codes' started by rover75, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. rover75

    rover75 Member

    hi I'm wanting the radio code after putting a new battery on the radio needs it's code
    many thanks
  2. Joan

    Joan VIP Member


    Your serial is not in the database, you may get code from serial from dealership or paid service website otherwise code is got by reading an EEPROM chip within the radio but this is a bit of a specialists job.
  3. rover75

    rover75 Member

    hi sorry there is additional info
    ezh9012 300 00337 00
    003 0319 1164875

    many thanks

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    additional info
    RGB PART NO: XQD 000470PUY

    TYPE NO: ROV RCC101-00

    many thanks