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Sky Sports 1 and Sky Christmas (movies) not showing - all others ok

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by broonie1987, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. broonie1987

    broonie1987 Registered


    I have set up various family and friends with zgemma H2S running latest woosh and skyQ skin.

    I have 1 single person (who is on same server and port as many others) who keeps losing the picture for ONLY sky sports 1 and sky christmas movies.

    I am confused and looking for some clues on where to troubleshoot. It sounds very strange, haven't had this before. We done a reboot and a fresh manual download of cross EPG and the DID come back for a short period but have gone again. Just these 2 channels, screen stays black.

    Anyone else on same host and port is fine.

    Could it be box, cables, tuners? as they are the only local things unique to this person

    Any help or ideas greatly appreciated - thanks
  2. andymartinn

    andymartinn Registered

    Have you checked the signal strength on the channels ? Menu/setup/service searching/signal finder. Check this whilst on the effected channel. Sounds a bit strange that it is just the two. Do you have abm installed ? If so try and do a scan on that and then check the channels. Bit strange if every other channel is working except them.
  3. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Try doing a Autobouquets E2 scan. Press green button on remote and select Autobouquets E2. On the next screen press the Green button to scan and answer yes when asked if you want to run a Nit Scan

    Once it's complete press exit on the remote until you're back to the tv picture and then check the channels.
  4. broonie1987

    broonie1987 Registered

    Thanks for the replies - going to go down to their house at some point so I can see it properly and have a bit trial and error. They both seem to come back if they restart the zgemma.....really weird.

    Will give your ideas a look over and see if i can find root cause. Worst case scenario i will just re-flash from start since its super easy now with wb-config :D:D

    appreciate yous taking time to respond.