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Skybox F5s doesnt work with HDMI

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by chillerz, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. chillerz

    chillerz Member


    I have just purchased a SKYBOX F5s. Had F5 model before that before it died. The new skybox does not show up on my LG LCD TV with HDMI but works fine with scart and phono leads. Does anybody know how to fix this or is there a setting that needs changing. The F5 I had previous worked fine with HDMI so I don't think it is the port on the TV.

    Thanks Guys
  2. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    1. try another hdmi cable
    2. there may be something wrong with the hdmi port on the box just send it back to who you bought it off.
  3. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    another crap box cheaply built and no wonder they have problems.
  4. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    they are good as long as you dont buy a clone.
  5. chillerz

    chillerz Member

    OK. Will send it back and try another.


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    How can you tell a genuine from a clone?
  6. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    the clones for a start are normally cheaper. for example if you bought one of e-bay the minimum you would have to pay is £55.00.
    another way is to ask your supplier who produced the box it should be yojia technology
    some clones will not accept A.Js channel list (in facrt most of them)
    try and flash the original firmware from the site above on to your box
  7. Kremmen

    Kremmen RETIRED. INACTIVE MEMBER Forum Supporter

    In the System setup > TV system menu, what video resolution is it showing?
  8. chillerz

    chillerz Member

    Is this on the skybox or tv?
  9. Kremmen

    Kremmen RETIRED. INACTIVE MEMBER Forum Supporter


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