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Some advice re VPN on PC/KODI? Please

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by Taylerlee, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    Hi, I am currently trying to get around the ISP blocks on Kodi. I have it installed on a box and PC if I could sort the PC out first. My question is I have Betternet VPN (Free) on my PC, it sits on the Google Chrome toolbar and is very easy to operate. When it comes to Kodi I installed OpenVPN (free) through Mettlekettles repo. but other than enable the app I dont know what else to do as there is no password with OpenVPN and I dont know if its working just because its enabled. The reason why I referred to Betternet VPN is that when I have tried to install a couple of repositories on Kodi they have failed but when I turn on Betternet they have downloaded (this is before I installed OpenVPN). So is Betternet hiding the true location of my Kodi? I ask as I thought it was only hiding my browser ie Chrome.

    My ISP is Sly. As an aside I would recommend Betternet (free) for general surfing and downloading it unblocks most sites and is dead easy to use.

    If possible I would also like some help putting a VPN (Free) on the android box its an MXQ.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bohemian

    Bohemian Member

    I've used Kodi on Sky and never had an issue, with no need for a VPN. Used on PC, Android box and phone with no problem.

    Have you disabled Sky Shield? It's now enabled by default and can cause issues with Kodi. Google "disable Sky Shield" and give it a go.
  3. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    Hi yes my Sky Shield is disabled via My Sky. However if I use the example of most torrent sites, they cannot be accessed on Sky without a VPN. Therefore I believe many of the Kodi addons which fail to load would if you 'relocate' via a vpn. I fully accept there are many that work just fine without such software but the ISPs are trying to make it more difficult as they have achieved with torrent and such like. I like you use Kodi, Plex, Mobdro to mention just 3 over a variety of platforms I just want these fantastic facilities to continue .

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  4. Bohemian

    Bohemian Member

    I'm the same with most torrent sites. I use a VPN to access those which I get as part of my Newsgroup subscription, but all of my Kodi addons work fine on all platforms without one. It would be interesting to hear from other Sky users. I'm wondering if it's a firewall issue blocking traffic?
  5. Taylerlee

    Taylerlee Member

    I have just been setting up a laptop for my Grand daughter and I have included Kodi. The addons have included Phoenix, Exodus, Turks, Navi X, and a number of cartoon type addons. I have tested all of them and they work fine (without VPN). However I installed another 6 or so which had links that didnt load so I disabled them no problem as she still has plenty to go at and didnt try them with a VPN as not the thing on her laptop!
    I was reading an article earlier about Ublockr which apparently changes the DNS (not a VPN) and works well with Kodi but there is a cost, I will research it further. I also understand the ISP' s are getting more and more Court Orders blocking streaming links so we are going to have to keep ahead of the game!
  6. Bohemian

    Bohemian Member

    Thanks for the info. It's not something I've been aware of but I'll bear it in mind if some addons stop working. I'll look at Ublockr too and see if that's something worth considering. Cheers :thumbsup:
  7. kickgp

    kickgp Member

    probably it would be your VPN issue. Have you tried kodi on other VPNs ? I configured PureVPN on KODI TV, works fine.