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Swap file location with usb & micro SD

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by asmad, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. asmad

    asmad Registered

    Something I've not given much thought to is the
    Location of my swapfile.

    I have a 128gb usb for recordings and a 16gb micro SD card for Timeshift, EPG & picons.

    Which drive should my swapfile be active on? Does it work for recordings or is it for Timeshift?

    thanks in advance.
  2. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    East Midlands
    The swap file is an area that is set aside and is used as extra system memory (That is put simply).
    It has nothing to do with timeshift or the epg and some people don't even bother using one.
    Mine is on the microsd along with epg and picons.

    [FONT=&quot]A swap file (or swap space or, in Windows NT, a pagefile) is a space on a [/FONT]hard disk[FONT=&quot] used as the [/FONT]virtual memory[FONT=&quot] extension of a computer's real memory ([/FONT]RAM[FONT=&quot]). Having a swap file allows your computer's [/FONT]operating system[FONT=&quot] to pretend that you have more RAM than you actually do. The least recently used files in RAM can be "swapped out" to your hard disk until they are needed later so that new files can be "swapped in" to RAM. [/FONT]
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  3. asmad

    asmad Registered

    Thanks willo3092. That is a very precise answer which helps a lot.

    I'm trying to learn as much about these little boxes and the software which makes them tick. So there's another answer for my list.