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Two storage devices

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Janso, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    Right, I've recently bought a Vu+ Solo2 with an internal hard drive. No problem. We also have a 2TB hard drive that we had plugged into the back of a Zgemma H.2S. I know I won't be able to mount them both as the default root for recordings/my planner (or file list if you like) - is there any way though of having both file lists showing at the same time in one list? I know you could set a bookmark in order to switch between the two but it's for my parents and it'd be a lot simpler for them if that was possible.

    Don't think it will be, but thought I'd ask regardless.
  2. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    The file list screen would need to be edited (hacked) to look in two locations one after another. It could get messy.

    Why not copy everything from the external drive to the internal drive using the dream explorer plugin and then just use the internal drive on it's own?
  3. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    I was gonna use the internal drive to store stuff they'd downloaded from Kodi/IPTV player/whatever as well as EPG and other stuff like that and just have the external one for 'proper' recordings.

    So by the sounds of it I'm best off just looking at showing them how the shortcuts work. Not what I was hoping but did expect that.


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