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Ultimate Guide - Blade Media 7000S Satellite Receiver.

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by NuTTeR, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    The Blade 7000S Satellite Receiver:.


    Setting up the new generation Blade 7000S;

    Check-list of what you will need.

    • A satellite dish (your existing S*y dish is ideal as it will already be setup for 28.2 East, the main S*y UK satellite). You can of course have a separate or dish or a motorised setup (advanced users)
    • Make sure you have turned off any network related equipment (i.e. Modem, Router, PC and any laptops or games consoles you might have)
    • Plug in (without powering on) the BM7000S with your Satellite Cable, SCART (ideally the HDMI cable), a Network Cable** and Mains power cable – (though switched off at this stage)
    • Power on the Modem/Router and the New BM7000S. It already has pre-set favourites setup by default – you only need to press the Groups Button on the remote to access the categories like Popular/Sport/Movies/Asian/HD/etc etc
    • You’ll need to scan the unit for your area. Menu/Volume up X2 takes you to the scan menu (see picture 3/4/5 on next page). By default it’s set to 28.2 East. Press OK and Red Button for scan
    • Scan should find in excess of 800 channels
    • When finished press exit back to the main channel screen

    Remember the PIN will always be 0000 or 9991 (unless you have manually input your own personal PIN).

    Channel Scanning;



  2. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    Setting up your Router - Blade Media 7000.

    Firstly – let’s make sure you have a standard 4 port router.

    Whether you have BT type ADSL broadband or Virgin type CABLE broadband you
    will have a broadband modem (or hub) and a router (sometimes built into the hub like a BT Home Hub)

    The back of a typical router looks like this,


    The WAN or ADSL port comes from your broadband modem into your router and the LAN port shown can be used to attach additional devices (like the Blade).


    In the example above the grey cable is coming from your broadband modem and the blue lead can go to a PC or Laptop or Blade unit. There are several ways to connect without using long wires from your router to your Blade unit (especially if they are in separate rooms).. however, for now – let’s assume you are running a direct cable from the router into the back of the Blade 7000S.
  3. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    Setting up your Broadband Connection

    This part is very important and it is easy to run into basic problems. Follow these instructions and you should be able to connect to the Internet and check that your settings are correct in a few minutes.

    Now that you have scanned for channels and found them for your region you can setup the Internet connection and test it is working.

    Using the Menu on the remote control unit (referred to as the RCU) scroll down to IP Settings as shown.

    Press OK on IP settings and you should see a screen similar to that shown below,


    DHCP should always be on (unless you are setting up an advanced configuration)
    The IP Address is taken from your broadband router most of which have an ‘IP Address’ starting with 192.168.x.x (where x can be any value from 1 to 254). Typically you’ll find the address to start with 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x (the last number is given automatically by your router to the equipment on your network which uses broadband).

    So you may have a PC, laptop and Blade unit which would use the numbers and and as an example. Each router varies – but these are typical examples.

    If you see your IP address as then the router is NOT communicating properly with your Blade unit. Power off your Modem/Router/Blade (and any other equipment like PC’s, laptops and games consoles). Check your cabling and reboot modem/router then Blade. Check IP Setting are now OK.
  4. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    Using the Utils Menu on the Blade Media 7000S.

    The Utility (Utilities Menu) on the Blade 7000S has many useful functions.

    A USB Pen Drive (1 Gigabyte is plenty – but whatever the smallest you can buy will do 2 Gig/4 Gig etc).


    What can you do with the Utils/Download Menu?

    1. Update the firmware (the latest code) for your Blade 7000S in seconds
    2. Backup or Restore your channel data files (or download others)
    3. Backup or Restore other very useful data (which manually would take hours).

    How do I use the Utils/Downloads Menu?

    Simples. Using the Menu button on the Remote Control Unit (RCU) use the volume+ (right hand side of the OK button) to scroll to the UTILS Menu. The using the Down arrow, go to the Download section and press OK.

    The UTILS/DOWNLOAD Screen,


    Press OK to access the options ** NOTE – plug in the USB Pen Drive into the slot at the rear of the Blade 7000S unit. When it is in, you will see a USB acknowledgement on screen **
  5. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    Using the utils / download menu,

    Upgrading the ‘firmware’

    (‘firmware’ is the latest code used to upgrade the Blade unit)

    The Blade7000S uses the USB port on the back of the unit for a variety of useful functions which would previously have been done via a null modem cable.

    The benefits of the USB include ease of use, hugely improved speed of updating and requires no particular knowledge of computing to achieve these functions.

    The latest firmware for the Blade is version 1.19b (February 2011). This firmware increases the functionality of the Blade and has additional enhancements to the operating system to deal with the known issues with Netgear and TP Link routers (amongst others).
    If you experience ‘glitching’ (where the picture on your unit breaks up for short periods of time – it may well be that the communication between the router and the Blade unit is not optimally configured.
    Always use the latest firmware possible to ensure your unit is up to date.

    The 1.19b firmware can be downloaded along with latest firmware for most Set Top Boxes (STB’s) is kept here the link is: 4shared - My 4shared - shared folder - free file sharing and storage

    Download and copy the file onto any standard USB Pen Drive as shown below


    When you insert the USB Pen Drive into the back of the unit, it will acknowledge that USB0 has been inserted and is ready for use. Follow these simple instructions to upgrade your firmware. Using the remote control press..
    1. MENU -> Then Volume + (three times going from System Settings / Channel Manager / Installation until you reach UTILS)
    2. Using the CH -/+ buttons (above and below the OK button) navigate to the Download section The FILE LIST will show on screen.
    3. Navigate to the file (if there is more than one on your pen drive) to the file called BM7000S_APP_LD_119p_20101230.stb (obviously this file name will change as new versions of the firmware are released).


    Press OK on the remote control and the unit will start updating the firmware on your Blade unit with this new file.

  6. NuTTeR

    NuTTeR Member

    Updating the Channels via USB using the Utils/Download Section

    Updating the Channels via USB using the Utils/Download Section Channel files (called NDF files) can be backed up AND/OR loaded onto your Blade using the same procedure. (Every region in the UK will have different regional stations for their particular area .. i.e. BBC London/BBC Scotland/BBC Wales etc).

    These regional data files will be available for download via the Blade Units internet connection shortly. However, you can back up your channels or load channels via the USB drive in seconds using the same procedure as before.

    Follow steps 1. to 3. above but replace the .STB file above with a channel data file which you will see ends with the suffix .NDF (example below 03JAN2011.NDF)


    It goes without saying that this is a tiny subset of the facilities currently available on the Blade 7000S unit. It is only a start and much more information will follow.
  7. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    nice Tutorial Nutter, good addition to the sat section :thumbsup:
  8. noelyf

    noelyf VIP Member

    Excellent tutorial NuTTer.
  9. SG8

    SG8 Member

    Good Stuff !!
  10. jodav

    jodav VIP Member

    Very good NuTTeR. Thanks.
  11. macrae74

    macrae74 Member

    hi guys im seriously looking at the blade,but i have a few concerns ive just been stung by the starview7 saga could the same thing happen to the blade????,ive got a dish from a previous subscription which i believe would be ok with the blade.my other query is do i need cardsharing to be able to recieve premium s** channels(movies/sports etc),as youve probably gathered im new to this and any info would be kindly recieved cheers guys mac74
  12. Scorpion

    Scorpion Member

    No with these boxes (Sat) you won't have a problem like you had with SV coz if the sat server goes down you can always add a new server to it unlike the SV there is no way to connect to another server except their own which if goes down again.... For SAT channels you'll need a sub which will cost you approximate £10-£20 month maybe cheaper if know where to look, hope this helps answering your questions.
    The Blade box is future proof just like the dreamboxs etc.
  13. spiv

    spiv Member

    Feel we cannot say any receiver is future proof, Think you will find sky are now working how to stop C/S
  14. stegre

    stegre Member

    hi new to this site which looks great for the blade 7000 ,at minute i got protek 9600 with solwise homeplug can i use the same plugs for the blade 7000 [when i get one] or will the router get confused with ip address . thanks
  15. ajaz

    ajaz Member

    blade is a good box the hd channels are very good
  16. marcus1975

    marcus1975 Member

    how do you edit or insert new transponders ?
  17. stigie

    stigie Member

    great info maybe all the starview users should read this :cheesy grin:
  18. emrod

    emrod Member

    hi thanks for the guild when i get to the firmware update and press connect it says connection failed any clue what i done wrong, many thanks emrod
  19. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

  20. emrod

    emrod Member

    im sorry but where do you put 9991 nothing happens. this is the first blade box ive got all the free view channels

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