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Upgrade to openatv 5.3

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by kporter229, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. kporter229

    kporter229 Registered

    I'm running openatv 5.1 and thought it was about time to upgrade to 5.3. I assumed the best way to do this was to download the image, and in effect start from scratch, including reloading all the plugins I have on.

    However, I've noticed on the menu under Software Management an option Software Restore, which takes me to image upgrade assistant. This wizard allows me to backup my settings, and then I get this screen.

    upgrade wizard.jpg

    I'm not sure what it means by needing a PC connected to the Zgemma - I can ftp in if that's all it means. I can't find any extra information on opena.tv.

    If I click on "Yes, shutdown now", will this actually find the latest online image itself, and will all my plugins be automatically restored? What do I do on my PC? Do the update instructions actually exist on opena.tv?

    Anyone used this wizard, or is there a guide somewhere?
  2. daleh43

    daleh43 Registered


    press blue on remote (quick launch manager) >>software manager>>backup settings. do a backup, then once you've installed new fw, go back into software manager & restore settings backup
  3. Truckerone

    Truckerone Registered

    Thank you I was looking how to backup, can anyone tell me how to and install New openaTV firmware, also A New Wooshbuild system message is available, keeps showing on my Tv how do I get rid is it after software update if so I've not updated, as it told me to update at my own risk, thanks again
  4. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    {Bodge Builder
    Open WB Config, move down to the green dot next to system messages and press OK. This will then stop the system message message appearing.

    You can do the software updates even though it warns you, I did them all tonight in the Amber status, however, you will be safer to do them when the status is green on the software update page.

    If you are running WooshBuild you already have OpenATV 5.3 on your box as that is what WooshBuild is setup on.

    To make a complete backup:
    Blue button -> Complete Backup -> Red to backup to rear USB, or put a USB in the front and press Green.
  5. Truckerone

    Truckerone Registered

    Absolutely fantastic, Appreciate everything you do, top class mate many thanks
  6. lrvcomp

    lrvcomp Registered