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v8s astra 19.2e channel list/fav list.

Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by Anst11, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    hi all,

    have my V8s hooked up to astra 19.2e with line. most channels work ok apart from a few french ones which my provider says is normal?? says the french channels have trouble working in UK. Hard to believe but most of what I want is there so that's by the by, can live with it.

    In our hosue, we do watch lots of euro tv - french, german and spanish hence why we hooked up to astra in the first place.

    I want a favourites list/channel list fully oragnised into country categories such as FRENCH, GERMAN etc so we can just flick through by country region rather than the channel itself.

    apart from ballaching my way through 994 channels and favouriting them in all into individual categories, is there any up to date channel editor i can use to make a tp_prog file or similar.

    I cannot find much tech help online for astra 19.2e, most of the help available is aimed at 28.2e for obvious reasons.

    any advice in where to start would be most appreciated.
  2. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    There are no catagory channel lists available for the eurosats---there are channel lists out there but not as you wish.
    Better to use the fav's lists---plus remember you can change the audio to english on lots of channels such as Fox, Sky, TNT,AXN and many others.
    The french don't like us watching their channels so carry out many encryption changes and frequency movements but you can still watch quite a few but audio locked to frog talk.
    With a slight movement of dish to 23.5e you will find many films/channels in english plus if you move dish other way to 16e you can get more channels.
    Spoil yourself.
  3. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    thanks reaper - many thanks.

    So, when I have ballached my way to getting it right - whats the process of saving the list/settings so I dont have to do it again if it bricks or something. rather not trudge through it all twice or more..

    a bit rusty with the v8s - used to the h2s for 28.2.

    many thanks in advance
  4. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Download to USB via tools and then save on pc.
  5. Anst11

    Anst11 Member

    cheers reaper - one last thing, how do u change the audio to english (if available) from the v8s remote.

  6. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    There are 3 different remotes in use---2 have an audio button but 1 has a button marked m/p, click open to micro panel, locate audio icon and play.