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Discussion in 'Openbox Satellite' started by dave0377, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. dave0377

    dave0377 Registered

    Hi there folks, I'm sure this has been asked and maybe solved before, but I have trawled and not found anything.
    Been using the XMLTV epg on the openbox for a while now, the summertime bug, I've got used to, but now I seem to be having an issue with updating the EPG, it get's to 100% then write back failed please check disk free volume.
    I Have tried a different USB stick, and reformatted to fat 32 then downloaded again, but still having the issue, any one else having this problem?

    Many thanks
  2. leddy88

    leddy88 Registered

    hi there i had the same problem i just reformatted my usb and done new update that worked for me :haha:
  3. dave0377

    dave0377 Registered

    Ok thank's for reply, I will maybe format it on pc instead of the box, and see if that works.

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    A reformat of the USB has not worked for me, I did notice I was able to download an epg from a different country ok, looks like it's just not working for the UK EPG. Oh well, back to now and next for a while it seems, and try again to download it at a later stage.
  4. roadhogmaf

    roadhogmaf Registered

    Yuup! Same here

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