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Very Best Box for Dual Sly / Vermin in HD esp F ONE - Advice/Experience Pls

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Moonwatcher6, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Moonwatcher6

    Moonwatcher6 Registered

    Morning all.

    Had excellent experience setting up my new Zegma HS .... a breeze and first class output, totally new world, very impressed.

    Read that I can purchase a box that can provide Sly and Vermen and with Vermen in HD and would very much like to go with that.

    I have proper Vermen bb & base TV installed. I do not have Sly but do have 10 Freesat feeds. Where the new box will go I have 2 feeds to the Sly sat and the Vermen feed/box and RJ45.

    As I say my knowledge is literally a day old and very happy with the Zgema but do want to develop this into a dual system and demote the one just set up into another room. Also I read briefly about Vu2 Duo which looks really nice but costly.

    Just to ask, if budget no object, what does the Vu2 Duo box buy you that the Zgema does not? And is it worth it?

    Should say my main aim is to get the F1 in HD which I think I can achieve just by taking Vermen but would love to have a machine with ALL channels and options possible.

    So in short, if I stick Zgema, which is the best machine to take to achieve this. And if I went Vu2 Duo what would I gain at extra cost. And finally is there a better route altogther with another box/system?

    Appreciate anyone's advice, suggestions and time

    Many thanks
  2. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    East Midlands
    I'm really happy with the Xtrend ET8500. Up to 4 plug and play tuners, I've got 2 sat and 2 cable. You will have to buy 2 different lines for sat and cable though.
    The ET8500 also has a dual boot option and picture in picture.
  3. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    At a pub near you
    xtrend10000...mut@nt 2400...vu+ duo2... best boxes on the market...imho
  4. Moonwatcher6

    Moonwatcher6 Registered

    Thanks for the advice wullboy. What sort of things differentiate these boxes as being better in your opinion?

    I'm having trouble working out which boxes are Dacia's, Ford's, Mercedes and Ferrari's :) .... Build quality? Ease of use? Menu's? Remotes?

    Going to look up the boxes you mention and read up. Cheers
  5. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    If you want to watch F1 in HD buy a Scalextric set, its definitely not as boring as the real thing at the moment !!
  6. Moonwatcher6

    Moonwatcher6 Registered


    Point gravehead :) .... but I live in hope of better times. :)
  7. jnv

    jnv Registered

    Zgemma H2h.

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  8. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 VIP Member

    Upto you I've got an h2h and it's great but I'm looking for a faster box but unsure if the extra cost is worth it I may look at twin sat and single cable tuner or maybe two of each
  9. gibbletts

    gibbletts TK Veteran

    Zgemma are cheap plastic boxes they are great for the price I had one before I got a duo 2 I have twin sat and twin cable tuners and an internal hard drive coupled with official open vix support you can't go wrong but they are costly. At the end of the day if you want a premium experience then get the duo 2 if you just want functional then go zgemma. If you go zgemma though you will only get 1 sat and 1 cable feed which personally I wouldn't bother with at the very least you want 2 cable tuners as you will hardly use the sat tuner if you have hd as an option and you definitely should have the option of recording and watching different hd channels. If duo 2 is out of your price range take a look at xtrend 8500 as mentioned in another post.
  10. jnv

    jnv Registered

    If money is no object have both VM and Sly installed. No more worries.
  11. Jagsy

    Jagsy TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    vu brand for higher end box and zgemma h2h for budget box