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VPN not working with mag 254 box

Discussion in 'ALL MAG BOXES' started by Matty75, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Matty75

    Matty75 Registered

    Hi I'm looking for a little advice on my Mag box. I have had my mag box for a couple of years and have recently bought a VPN router to connect with the mag box. When I first connected it, it work without problem for a couple of days. Now when I start up my mag box it won't load up. It goes to page loading error but shows that the internet and ethernet are enabled. I have spoken to VPN supplier and they say VPN router working fine and to check if IPTV provider is blocking IP address. I have asked IPTV provider and they say they don't blocked any VPNs. I have tried changing the server to different location but this doesn't work either. So I have asked both VPN and IPTVproviders if there is any other settings I need to change but I was wondering if anybody had any ideas what the problem may be.
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  2. nicoj24

    nicoj24 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    You shouldn't need vpn if you have a good provider?
    Does your mag box connect without the vpn router connected?
    Need to check that your mag box has not been blocked by your provider first?
    Don't just take there word for it?