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Which Firmware Image to use on a VU+ Solo2 box???

Discussion in 'Vu+ SOLO2 Support' started by groove_timer, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. groove_timer

    groove_timer Member

    Hi Guys,

    What in you opinion is the best firmware image to use on the VU+ Solo2 box?

    ViX Team

  2. judgey

    judgey Member

    I used some but found the best for me was openpli
  3. groove_timer

    groove_timer Member

    Thanks for the reply Judgy. may I ask what it was that made this the chosen firmware for you?
    Have you tried Blackhole? I seem to see alot of the older Vu+ boxes having this on it.
  4. judgey

    judgey Member

    Well im new like you mate, i did try blackhole bit of messing about putting cccam on it. I just love the style of the menu on it looks much better than blackhole (thats just my opinion) also has all the plugins you need for cccam without messing about.


    Not sure if u had the direct link or not

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  5. groove_timer

    groove_timer Member

    Cheers for the info judgey, much appreciated. Will have a wee nosey at them to see which is best.

    Still not purchased it yet, just wanting to get an idea of the best firmware to use when I do get it:) Cheapest I can find it is just over £300, so need to save up for it :)
  6. bobby123


    i use vix it's bast on openpli 3.0
  7. judgey

    judgey Member

    Booby123 is vix much better is there any good changes ?

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