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Windows 10 wanted on the cheap advice needed

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by davnav, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. davnav

    davnav Member

    Going to buy a pc for xmas but it doesn't have windows,where is the best place to buy a key or windows 10 disc on the cheap.need something which wont get blacklisted after using it for a while,Need it to last on a new pc thanks
  2. davnav

    davnav Member

    Thanks for the quick reply but ive seen key sold by site but worried about them getting blacklisted.are these sites safe to use and will the keys last
  3. 13133519

    13133519 Member

    I paid a little more and got the retail version from PSNGAMES.org.

    Still working ok for me 6 months later
  4. harykk1

    harykk1 Member

    kinguin[dot]net :)
  5. aldan

    aldan VIP Member

    the only legit way is thru a microsoft supplier.these keysites are shady at best.windows 10 is not gonna be had for much of a discount for quite awhile.buy it thru microsoft.
  6. pisshead

    pisshead Member

    with respect my friend "aldan", most of the "reputable" people selling FULLY LEGAL ACTIVATION CODES FOR WINDOWS 1O home and pro editions are spot on and fully legal as I said, although like everything in life you will get guys and woman at the rip off in all trades.

    I purchased my digital windows 10 pro activation code from a very reliable person who had a 100% feedback score and that was about a year ago and its perfectly fine and still activated, as a matter of fact, at one point I called Microsoft to double check something and gave them my activation code etc and they said yes, its all fine etc just as the seller had told me too.

    So, for all it costs, just watch out for things like bad reputation and poor sales etc on fleebay if that is where one chooses to purchase, but I can assure you, if you double and treble check the seller out then your laughing, and at a fraction of the price and its fully legal too.

    A little tip for people doing this is, when your installing windows 10 home or pro for the first time, during the first parts of the install, make sure you already have a note of your activation code wrote down and enter it in when windows asks for it rather than the option to do it later, sometimes that makes problems, did for me anyway, but I soon figured it out.

    So yes, go ahead, buy your windows 10 activation codes from wherever you like at a fraction of the price, just make sure the seller is as sound as a pound first though, after that your laughing, p.s, always pay by paypal and that way if any problems you can dispute it and get your money back, easy peasy.

    p.s., mines was windows 10 pro (64bit) and it cost me £24.99 online, but as i said, that was a year ago, so prices have no doubt came down (maybe).
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
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  7. davnav

    davnav Member

    Thanks very much all ,much appreciated for all the positive advise great stuff
  8. Stevenf89

    Stevenf89 Member

    couldu send me info off who u got it off as i could do with getting it also cheers
  9. jasnc

    jasnc Member

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  10. fonefusion

    fonefusion Member

    Use Microsoft tool for free gets all updates on 10 and still showin as genuine
  11. Cheapest way: install win 7/8 and use free upgrade to win 10 option.

    F.Y.I: make sure the win 7/8 win key is genuine because its checked again upon upgrade.
  12. Raver

    Raver Member

    Would I still be able to get upgraded to window s 10 I am on 7 does any no.
  13. Raver

    Raver Member

    Hi I am trying to install windows 10 this way how long should it take mine is on da last 12hrs and still at 99% lol....
  14. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    12 hours? Wow, that surely is taking far tooooo long.
  15. Raver

    Raver Member

    Ya I no lol....I gave up I ll just stick with windows 7
  16. jasnc

    jasnc Member

    Hi folks,

    Turn off your firewalls, disable updates in windows 7, disable or better remove any Av you have , from windows 7 you should be able to update, windows 8/8.1 have issues with the update so really a clean install is the best way.
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  17. Raver

    Raver Member

    Hi thanks i will try this