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Windows 8.1 64bit Problems

Discussion in 'Windows 8.' started by keb669, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. keb669

    keb669 Member

    Hi Guys
    If anyone knows of a solution on fixing my problem I would be most grateful. The problem is I have missing and possibly not quite sure corrupted files in Windows 8.1 OS. I have tried to do a System Restore, no good. Also have used Reimage software and Tweaking Windows.com without any success. Does anyone know of a solution to repairing or replacing files without having to Reformat and loosing everything. I have tried Windows PC Refresh. It doesn't work it asks me to install Media disc in to PC. which from then on I will lose everything. Any miracle thoughts guys Ta. PS System is clean no Viruses.
  2. deadpool

    deadpool Member

    Conenct the harddrive to another computer and take a backup and reinstall windows. To me this is the only option to fix without loosing the data.
  3. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    Had exactly the same problem, tried allsorts from internet, got reinstall discs from eBay couldn't fix it.
    So I did what deadpool suggested, backed everything up and reinstalled windows it goes back to having just got it out of box for first time.
    But it fixed the problem
  4. mortmaru

    mortmaru TK Veteran

    Have you used tools to check the harddrive is not faulty?

    You are better off getting off Windows 8 it's awful either install 7 or 10

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