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Wooshbuild - Sky Movies not working?

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by gismo8228, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. gismo8228

    gismo8228 Registered

    Hi All,

    Setup - Zegemma start 2s, running latest version of Wooshbuild with latest skin.

    I have recently moved house - All was working well previously.

    Now in the new home, everything but sky movies is working which seems odd to me considering sky sports etc is working perfectly fine.

    Problem solving so far:
    > Spoke to line provider, no known issues.
    > Re-flashed wooshbuild to latest version.
    > Ran cross EPG and updated.
    > Re-installed line
    > Blue - plugins - browser - 'autoboquets E2' Ran this then i get no sky channels at all. Have to back up the box to previous.

    Any advice or help would be most appreciated!

  2. Burlesy

    Burlesy TK Veteran

    what signal are you getting on sky movie channels?
  3. debian

    debian Registered

    Was coming to post the same. I've two boxes.

    One v5 Wooshbuild and one Sucmnsee Vix.

    Tested both lines on both boxes and the u only work on the Vix one...
  4. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Well both Beni and myself have just tried on both the H2S, H5-2S and Vu Solo4k boxes without any issue.

    Recent calculations indicate that since Christmas WooshBuild v5 is now running on 10,000 boxes. I know not all of them are members of TechKings but do feel that if everyone lost Sky Movies we might have heard a lot of shouting by now. You are the first two to post. If you are receiving other premium channels your line is working and even though your provider says all is well, it may be worth getting a 24 hour test line to see if it is actually the line.
  5. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Did this just start happening? If so what changed?
  6. debian

    debian Registered

    Yes. Just started happening.

    I had a look and my line had actually disappeared overnight. Strange!

    I've done have cam importer - initially had the line installed when I installed from scratch - and now the channels are appearing, but freezing every few mins. Tried the line again on another box and it's absolutely fine.

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    I've just reflashed (also this time reformatted my HDD) and it seems to be running ok now.
  7. gismo8228

    gismo8228 Registered

    Good afternoon all,
    First of all thank you for the quick and informative replies. I have just checked the singal strength and have found:

    Tuner A -
    SNR: Jumping between 42-47
    AGC: Static at 98

    Tuner B -
    SNR: Static 45
    AGC: Static at 18%

    This is a new build house but seems odd that they are both different. There is nothing different about my setup from the old house to the new one. Phone my builder and have a satalite guy coming over soon.

    Quick question, what is the difference between SNR and AGC?