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xtream editor auto sync doesn't work

Discussion in 'Enigma2 - Plugins' started by Amiryth, May 23, 2018.

  1. Amiryth

    Amiryth Registered

    I have a gold account with extream editor and i have multiple API lines
    Now i want them to autosync to the supplier everyday but even though i have enabled:
    Auto-Sync (Daily - After Line download)

    None of my API lines sync unless i manually do it
    I contacted Xtream but only got a cryptic response saying it works when it clearly doesn't as all my lines have not synced in days since the last time i manually clicked sync

    any ideas?
  2. r0b

    r0b Registered


    I've noticed the same thing. The last time mine synced was last saturday when I did it manually. I have the auto download option ticked too.

    Has anyone found a solution?