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Zgemma Customer Support Thread Access

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by winder731, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. winder731

    winder731 Registered


    Apologies if this has already been covered in any previous threads, I have done a search and couldn't find anything.

    I've just ordered 2 Zgemma boxes from the Zgemma website and am awaiting delivery. I'm trying to log onto the Tech Kings Zgemma customer support thread below:


    I have tried both my Tech Kings password and Zgemma website account password however It's telling me my password is invalid. Is anyone able to help with this issue or should I contact Zgemma?

    The reason I would like to access the thread is for support in setting up the boxes when they arrive and I'll be looking at purchasing a Cline for multi-room.

    Many thanks
  2. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    You will find all the help you need in setting up boxes from this site and the zgemma section.
    The zgemma support site is limited and will not have discussions or advice on installing lines at all.
    Do plenty of reading beforehand and look at the ready to be installed builds available for this range of boxes.
  3. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    In addition to Benijofar's points, the access is not either your TK login, or zgemma login, it is a code he will send in the confirmation email.
  4. winder731

    winder731 Registered

    Thank you both for the info :)