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ZGemma H2S killed network

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by thebaldconvi, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. thebaldconvi

    thebaldconvi Registered

    Hi all,

    Just a quick one, my internet connection failed at 2am this morning (or so I thought) did a couple of things quickly before work, rebooted router etc but nothing helped so decided to leave it till I got back home to investigate further.

    Anyway, long story short, after rebooting everything on the network one by one including the router/superhub several times I thought to reboot the ZGemma as that had locked up, well stone me if everything didn't suddenly spring back into life!

    Has anybody had this before where the box locks and kills everything off?

    It is a H2S running Wooshbuild V5, has been fine for a couple of months and only done it once so far...


  2. andysb123

    andysb123 Registered

    Yes! I am getting this but quite regularly. Even swapped routers BT HH5 and new Smart Hub. Disconnect zgemma and boom Internet connection comes back to life! Strangely seems to affect WiFi too.
  3. Ronash

    Ronash Registered

    This may be happening to our box as well, we have had it a week but in that time our internet connection seems to have slowed down or dropped out significantly more than before.
  4. 13133519

    13133519 Registered

    What's internet speeds have you?

    The Zgemma shouldn't be using a lot of bandwidth.

    Connecting to to servers and downloading the EPG should only use about half a gig max.

    do you use IPTV player on the box?

    Is it a wired connection ?
  5. Ronash

    Ronash Registered

    All that you are asking makes sense !
    We have a frustrating and expensive connection giving 10GB at present max, but we are now out of contract and have just changed supplier who hopefully will be able to give us closer to 40GB when connected next week.
    Also i understand a wired connection will give us a more reliable signal so will change to that when i get a home plug - thanks for the heads up !
    Interesting to know also that the box only takes about half a GB to use.
    Many thanx.
  6. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    You using mgcamd???

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  7. Macca166

    Macca166 Registered

    Is this likely to be anything to do with an updated version of Woosh? I'm going to update my box at some point this weekend, however I'm currently running perfectly and don't want to induce any issues if I don't have to :whistling:

    Never had any issues before so hopefully this is just a localised network provider or hardware issue?
  8. pictor

    pictor Registered

    There's a config option in mgcamd that can cause the box to create a dos attack on your router if set wrong, there's a fixed version in the download section if it's this, have seen it myself many times.

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  9. HeavySmoker

    HeavySmoker Registered

    Running older vix image

    also having same problem at its down to abm updating over night
    there is some sort of problem with update config file that's killing the net and abm scan
    told its down to me running a older vix image and config update not compatible with it
  10. kevftm

    kevftm Registered

    I'm having problems with mine aswell just keeps saying ip address not confirmed can anyone please help
  11. welshone

    welshone Registered

    I found on net others with same issue with mgcamd files, as stated it makes your router think its got a dos attack, a fix is to find the mgcamd.config file on the box via fileziller etc then open with notepad to edit, find the L entry and change the value to 00 will show something like this:
    # Log option, summ of:
    # 00 off
    # 01 network udp log
    # 02 log to console
    # 04 file, appended ! delete it by yourself, before it eat all your hdd
    # + IP udp-port log-file-name
    L: { 00 }

    Save it and upload to box, take a back up of the config file first just in case.

    Hope this helps
  12. andysb123

    andysb123 Registered

    Already looked at this and it was already on 00, I've tried WiFi dingle, cabled, different router, reflashed multiple times, updated un installed iptv
  13. welshone

    welshone Registered

    Only other thisk it might be is that you need to disable dos attack in your router there a a few threads via Google to do with netgear routers especially