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Zgemma rebooting

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H.2S' started by andygcns, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. andygcns

    andygcns Member

    Hi guys, don't know if this has came up before, but here it goes!!

    My zgemma was running iPab image and my box started rebooting when I put something on to record or updated the epg!! So I tried reflash and it still done it, then was advised to get a new USB pen drive which I did and it still done it!! So I decided on the wooshbuild and reflashed it with that image and you guessed it it is still doing it!! Anyone got any ideas what it could be??

  2. AdyB

    AdyB Member

    Complete long shot here, but could it be the power supply? Maybe it`s no longer supplying quite enough power, causing the box to crash?
  3. andygcns

    andygcns Member

    You know I never thought of that and the zgemma is working fine when I don't record, I'll need to find another plug to try that. Thanks
  4. yee_har

    yee_har Member

    Have you taken all the plastic wrap off it (the box itself, not the power supply!)?
  5. andygcns

    andygcns Member

    Yes I have buddy