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hi guys this is my backup for zgemma h2s just plain and simple
openatv 6.1

ok guys this work a lot better for me running IPTV WITH a script

it dont freeze lock up on channels like it did on 6.0 try it see what u think
thanks for looking guys

auto bouguets maker
kiddic slyk1hd 5.223

View attachment 24882
View attachment 24882

Customised boot/reboot screens


Before you flash make sure both coax cables from the dish are connected to the correct ports, as show below

cables should be diagonal as you look at them not one on top of the other and not side by side.


before u flash make sure all SD CARD/FLASH DRIVES ARE REMOVED

To Flash...

1) Extract the downloaded file and copy the zgemma folder to your fat32 formatted usb drive.
2) Turn off your zgemma box using the rear on/off switch as shown above.
3) Insert your USB pen drive in the rear port of your zgemma.
4) Power up the box, when USB is displayed press the front power switch, the display will change to FL5H (Flash!) allow it to boot up – This should take between 3 to 10 minutes

NB If the box boots straight up without flashing it's usually down to a usb drive formatting / partition issue (please search the forum for hddguru as this has been asked loads of times!)

Once flashing is complete the box will display BOOT, turn off using the rear power switch and remove your USB drive that has the zgemma folder on it, either delete this folder on your PC or give it a quick format if you are going to use this same drive in the box permanently, alternatively remove and insert your second USB pen drive.

Steps to take after flashing....

1) Initialise your USB pen drive or SDCARD .....(BLUE Button, scroll down to Hardisk, Initialisation) then (Convert Ext3 to Ext4)

2) Now check it's mounted.... (Mounts, Device Manager, GREEN Button, BLUE Button, Exit on remote then RED button)

3) Add your line.....
You will need the IP address of your box - to find out what this is.... (BLUE Button, scroll down to Network and select Network Interface) Make a note of this!

You will now add nline details into the existing files as detailed below using an FTP client (eg Filezilla or DCC). For your FTP client you will need the IP address as noted above, the user is ROOT and leave the password field empty.

For Clines u will need to add cccam.2.13 witch is easy loads of guides about on techkings

For Nlines a newcamd.list list file is in the /usr/keys directory ready for you to edit. along with mg.cfg press the BLUE button and go into Softcam Panel then press the right direction key on your remote until mgcamd138r is displayed)

Once done reboot the box (MENU, Standby / Restart, Restart)

If you need any further help with adding your line look/ask in the forum. (To use other softcams BLUE, Softcam, Softcam Panel). Some lines also need to have the router restarted.

4) If your box is a Zgemma h.2S and you have two cables coming from your sat dish skip to 5).
If you have a Zgemma HS, H2H or H2s you need to reconfigure tuner B otherwise you will get a tuner lock error on the next step. To do this press BLUE then go to tuner setup, tuner configuration - if you have a hS or you're running a h2S with one cable from the dish set tuner B to none, if you have a H2H/H2S set your second tuner here.

5) Scan for channels...... (go and make a coffee this takes a while! but you only have to do this one time!)
(Menu, Setup, Service Searching, Automatic Scan, Green)

6) Now to change to your local region.....
(Menu, Setup, Service Searching, AutoBouquetsMaker, AutoBouquetsMaker Providers and scroll down and change where it's currently set as Granada-custom to yourtvregion-custom then press GREEN)

7) Create your Autobouquets
(MENU, Setup, Service Searching, AutoBouquetsMaker, Delete bouquets, Yes, Start Scan)

8) Create USB swapfile - 256mb
(MENU, Infopanel, Plugins, SwapManager, GREEN, Select your drive, 256Mb, takes a couple of mins to create, once created choose RED to activate and YELLOW to autostart, then exit)

9) Restart box - (MENU, Standby / Restart, Restart)

hope this helps u out guys but as stated above ''''''' this is just a bare borns setup image thanks to kiddac and techkings and other users so thanks
and if u get stuck theres plenty of good guys on the site to help u

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good image easy to set up and to put on to usb pen and to flash a zgemma h2s.greet for iptv pay tv
lee benson
lee benson
thks moon
Works fine. Not tried with pay iptv yet. Just one thing no channel numbers but guess this isn't really a problem. Thanks for your efforts