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This is from developer Mino6060 to bring the free servers more than 45 servers

This plugin bring the free servers more than 45 servers Bring the servers manually & auto for emu Ncam and OScam
and transfer it to its files Ncam server, OScam server extension etc / tuxbox / config and also you will find Ccam.cfg

Added auto update feature for emo Ncam and OScam for almost all hardware devices bin and ipk files
The keys to the keys and the config for the emo Ncam and OScam .... etc
To access the main menu, press the menu button and info to enter the testious server list
add auto update ncam oscam bin and all ipk
ncam.config - oscam.config
cccam-speed CCcam.providers CCcam.channelinfo CCcam.prio
oscam.keys softcam.key
notification audio translation google

frist you must be given
to all the scripts in the file chmod755
In this extension

Second If you wish to make the plugin to bring the servers at a certain time
Right click on the remote and select active Settings Select Clock and press the green button to save
Notice It is set at 12:30
If you want manual work, press the yellow button to work to bring the servers in immediately
If you want to access the rest of the additions click the blue buttonWill be moved to the next listTo choose what you like from the list on the left, stand on what you want and click Ok
If you want to download more servers from the site click the green or yellow button to move to the next list
When clicking on Mino, the servers are deleted. Choose what you like from the servers with the arrows from the remote. Each server you select is click OK. Move from left to Yemen in order to transfer it to the emu
Each emo has a color in front of you, for example green color to move the selected servers to the emu wicardd And so on​
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Latest updates

  1. New Version FS 8.1.4

    New Version FS 8.1.4 Update & Fixes Thanks Mino60