Mikey B OpenAtv 6.1

Mikey B OpenAtv 6.1 Build v2.1

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Updated image: basebuild 03/12/2017
Fixed Crash: menu/Usagae&Gui/Customise menu
Added Some New Plugings CachFlush AutoBouquets E2 for sky users

Enjoy :)

OpenATV 6.1- Backup image set up for cable For Zgemma H1 H2 2S

Support Thread Here:

Open ATV-6.1 Basebuild 26/11/2017
All Updated

Led Settings in Menu/Setup/Usage & Gui/Display/LED Display Setup you can change show clock to show channel numbers on led.

Set Up With Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.005
This is all set up for you now, so no need to do anything apart from add picons to media/hdd and restart gui then menu/setup/service searching/TunerConfig and set ID to yours then autobouquets set area to yours and do a scan and add your cline press blue softcam / softcam panel go to cam 1 use right and left to choose you cam then green to start.

Included Cams:
CCcam 2.3.0, mgcamd_1.38r1 and OscamUpdater

Included Skins:
Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.005
Kiddacs Slykhd_5.230
Kiddacs vskin bolt_2.005

Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio & Hd Channels
EPG Importer
EPG Refresh
IPTV Player
Media Player
Media Scanner
IPTV Player

Movie Planner Mod

Top Picks Mod
EPG Tabs Mods - This modification changes the coloured buttons on EPG to function. It also brings in the Bouquets tab along the top of the EPG

Big Thanks to @dsayers2014 EpgList.py and UsageConfig.py
for channel numbers in epg
. :)

Big Thanks To kiddac for skins and mods :)

Tuner A is not configured you will need to do this yourself.
Tuner B you will need to set your id then configure autobouquets then scan.

Picons: folder need to be ftp to media/Hdd then restart gui

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