4k firestick

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    Firestick downloader app removed missing

    Have amazon removed downloader app.? Mines is still there but i want to buy a 4k stick, will be not be available on new sticks? If so is there an alternative?
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    Amazon 4k Firestick Replacement Remote Control

    Hey guys, I will be getting an amazon 4k firestick, however would like to have the color options on the remote eg blue, red, green, yellow as I can easily navigate through the bouquets easier by using these shortcut buttons. I know on the standard Amazon Firestick remote controller the color...
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    Firestick 4K

    Hi guys, I have an issue with the 4k Amazon Firestick. All apps I use on this for my supplier have major voice sync issues yet the same apps on the gen 2 are fine. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance