4k tv

  1. penty2008

    best android device?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good hardwired android box? I’m using stbemu, plex and titanium tv Internet speeds are shocking over vpn with my current firestick with it being wireless, plus it’s struggling to process the demands. I’ve been looking at the formuler and Nvidia shields, any...
  2. S

    TV Help

    Hi peeps, My 49" LG LED TV just died and need a replacement. Budget is £500-700 and I am looking for a 55" 4k Ultra HD with HDR Can anyone recommend any? 5 I have seen so far are below but not too sure what the difference is in them, can anyone help...
  3. Ukpaulthm

    signature verification failed

    hi all am trying to flash a MXQ Pro with new firmware from a sd card using the toothpick method then selecting sd card but am getting this error “signature verification failed” does anyone know why this is and how to get around the problem? thanks paul
  4. ellobee

    New 4k Firestick Out Next Week

    I'm looking forward to getting one of these, not for the 4k, but the quad core processor,the 2gb of ram and you can also hardwire it straight to your router.
  5. ellobee

    New FireTV Models to be Announced

    This looks interesting! https://www.engadget.com/2017/09/11/amazon-fire-tv-2017-leak/
  6. 8valia

    Box is showing all channels in 3d

    Hi, I must have pressed something by accident on the remote and now all channels are in 3D lol. Anyone know how to put it back to normal?
  7. Willo3092

    Zgemma H7

    These are looking good! Both triple tuner boxes. http://zgemma.org/zgemma-h7s.html http://zgemma.org/zgemma-h7c.html
  8. B

    New TV?

    Evening all, Reaching out to the TV Geeks I've had a look at some of the reviews on the LG 55UH661V 4K TV... Price £599 Tell me what's wrong with it :) I'm aware that there isn't any 3d which doesn't bother me