1. R

    ALL4ONE plugin not working on my VUULTIMO

    Hi all, I was wondering if somebody could assist me. I have recently purchased a second hand VU-ULTIMO thinking it would be better then my Zgemma H9S. However the ALL4ONE plugin freezes whilst trying to validate my IPTV subscription ( all up to date and correct passwords). I have tried...
  2. K

    GrogBuild No All4one plugin with OpenVix?

    Hi, I have a new GigaBlue UE 4K box and decided to try out Grogbuild. (I have been using Wooshbuild on Zgemma H.2s for the last few years) I noticed that I could select OpenVix so gave that a go and to my delight, it offered the chance to install All4One plugin (with my login/password details)...
  3. E

    No EPG on iptv channels plugin

    Hello any ideas how i can load epg on my iptv channels. Im using the plugin to receive channels. Zgemma h2h WooshBuild Infinity