1. channelking

    Windows 11 and Android Apps to run on it

    Very interesting regarding the ability to have android apps through amazon app store within Microsoft's own store, Windows 11: Microsoft revamps start menu and adds Android apps
  2. Prim@l

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming Device 16GB / Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Device 8 GB bargain

    Prime Day prices - don't think you will get it cheaper anywhere for for new?! Nvidia Shield TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £170.05 with code PROMOFIVE Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Streaming Device - 8 GB - £122.55 with code PROMOFIVE Source: Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming...
  3. Prim@l

    Available Viark DRS 4K Android 7.0 Wifi Sat-Receiver DVB-S2 - As new

    Viark DRS 4K Android 7.0 Wifi Sat-Receiver DVB-S2 - Brand new, boxed with remote and PSU - Purchased from Germany (Order date: 15/03/2021/DHL Delivery date: 18/03/2021)) - Used for a few hours for testing purposes to see what all the hype was about and was boxed back up shortly after - Payment...
  4. channelking

    Android Emulator PC

    Hi guys Tried blue stacks android emulator but due to how old my pc is its just slows down whole of the pc and crashes it. Is there another good one instead of blue stacks?
  5. M

    Guide A Guide to IPTV.

    Boxes. My advice is always go for a android box with iptv. I would advise always go for a mid range well proven box. If you cannot afford that go for a firestick. reviews can be found here: Android Based Devices Reviews Suppliers This is the most difficult area basically you are advised to take...
  6. M


    Good day, I am thinking of making an IPTV App for XBOX one it will allow the use of m3u and have the Xtream API. The app its self would be able to be used on windows 10, windows phone and XBOX One The question is, if you were to use this what features would you like to have? I know there is...
  7. U

    New Android APP - Best I've Seen

    Anyone Else Seen this new Android APP? It look amazing!