1. grog68

    Heavy stearing/no power stearing at low speed

    I must point out I am a complete dim whit when it comes to cars (well most things really) I have a 2003 Vauxhall Astra Bertone (G) which was serviced and MOT'd at the end of April. I didn't drive it for a few weeks after but now have noticed that when I am at slow speeds, ie turning into a...
  2. Halopenos

    Opinion needed

    Hi guys, I’m in Ireland and am setting up my dish to point at ASTRA for English FTA channels and also looking to get a Euro line for European channels and was wondering which second satellite should I set up along with Astra that is good for football and also some entertainment/movies...
  3. Halopenos

    Motorised or multi LND

    Hello, I am looking to install a motorised dish in my house and I’m struggling to find someone providing that service but there is someone who would set up a dish with 3 LNbs as I need to connect to 3 satellites (19.2e, 16e and 28.2e) but was wondering if that is a viable option which wouldn’t...
  4. steoc

    Astra and VM. Just a couple of questions.

    So I'm thinking of buying one of these Zgemma receivers. I have both Virgin Media and a SKY dish feed coming into my room. Basically I assume it's not plug and play and I've seen "line" mentioned a few times on the forum. My question is do these require you to purchase a line to receive...
  5. A

    Astra Philips SC201 code?

    Can you please help me finding the code for: Device: Opel Astra 1996 Radio casette player: GM Philips (made in Germany) W1B SC201(C) 90442656 No serial number stamped in case-side other numbers found: Z G602 757B S